Join the Movement

As a person who is out of her shoes whenever socially appropriate, you can see why a band with the name The Barefoot Movement caught my attention.  Lead vocalist, fiddle player and songwriter Noah Wall connected with mandolin player Tommy Norris during their high school years in North Carolina.  Quentin Acres and Noah met later at Eastern Tennessee State University and he joined the movement adding vocals and guitar.  The trio met bassist Hasee Ciaccio in 2011 when she needed a ride home from Merlefest.  

The Barefoot Movement “captures the rustic beauty of old Southern front porch Bluegrass improvisation while being immediately accessible to the modern era.”

We hope you can join us on Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day – to hear The Barefoot Movement live at Chestnut House Concerts.  Picnic at 5:30 pm, show at 7:00 pm.

Shoes Optional.

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2 thoughts on “Join the Movement

  1. Not sure if you received my last comment- I had a problem signing in to WordPress.
    I had given you an rsvp for this concert on FB, and I want to bring three other people. Did you receive that? Fondly, Tami

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