Checking Off the Wishlist- June & July

We select bands for Chestnut House Concerts in a variety of ways. Primarily they are bands we have heard perform live and we know they would fit our house concert venue and would be appreciated by our audience. Sometimes though, they are bands that we’ve only read about and listened to through recordings.  I follow the Folk Alliance International Conference and make a habit of reading each year’s reviews and highlights. The Small Glories  (performing June 15, 2017) and The Mae Trio (performing July 8, 2017) are two such bands.


The Small Glories show filled up quickly and is now sold out. The combination of JD Edwards and Cara Luft is a show full of energy and magic. We’ll see what we can do about having them return to Lancaster for any music fans who are not able to attend.


I first heard about The Mae Trio in 2014 after reading the reviews of Folk Alliance. They MaeTrio2were listed as one of the top new acts of the year and after listening for myself, I immediately sent an email inquiry to see when they might be touring the US again.  As most good things, booking this band took some time and now over 3 years later we are delighted to host Maggie, Elsie and Anita on Saturday, July 8, 2017.  If you would like to attend the show on 7/8, please contact Tim at to reserve a seat.  As with all our shows there is a potluck at 6:00 pm and the music begins at 7:00 pm. Suggested donation of 15/20 per person.

2 thoughts on “Checking Off the Wishlist- June & July

  1. Yes, I saw The Mae Trio at the July 8, 2017 Chestnut House Concert. No, I can’t tell you what it was like. That’s because it was not “like” anything I’ve ever experienced. I can say it was truly amazing. Absolutely incredible. Totally unique. Intimate? Engaging? Inspiring? Moving? Yes. Yes. Yes… and YES!

    Let me ask…

    Where can you join 50 total strangers and feel right at home?

    Who invites you into their home without ever meeting you and treats you like more than an acquaintance, more than a friend? Who makes you feel like an honored guest?

    Who can blend three voices into a sound as natural as soft summer rain in a lush forest? Who can introduce a song with a story that touches you as gently as morning dew on a green field, and as warmly as the bright Autumn sun on your face? Who can weave together stories with strings, memories with melodies, heartbeats with harmonies, and create a song sweet enough to inspire jealousy in honey bees?

    The answers are…
    1. Go to a Chestnut House concert.
    2. Meet Tim and Karen Lehman, hosts of over sixty Chestnut House concerts.
    3. See The Mae Trio. See them any chance you get. See them and be amazed. Inspired. Moved. I did, and I was.

    Ed D

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