Attending a Show

Welcome. If you are here at this page you must have some interest in attending a house concert and we hope that you take a chance on what we think is the best way to hear live music. All shows have a recommended donation of $15/20 per person. When you arrive at the event, look for the donation container just inside the door. You can add to the donation at any point during the evening; ALL of the money goes directly to the musicians.

Seats are limited at Chestnut House Concerts so please contact the hosts Tim and Karen Lehman with the number of seats you would like to reserve. Some of the shows do sell out – it is never too early to reserve a seat.There is a potluck at 6 PM before each show, and the music begins at 7 PM.  We provide the plates, silverware, glasses and napkins.  If you wish to participate in the potluck any food item is perfectly acceptable.  Some people bring a homemade hot dish or salad, others simply stop at a bakery for a pie or bring cheese and crackers.  Wine or beer are also acceptable potluck donation items. You cannot go wrong and everything is appreciated. Email Tim at or text/call 717-940-9311.

We have a traditional city row home and we use the space just inside the front door for the stage. For that reason we ask that you enter through the baker’s alley just to the left of the house, through the rear door into the kitchen. Bella, a sheepdog, resides here as well, so please close the gate behind you. Contact the hosts for the address.

Tim began hosting house concerts when he lived in Portland, Oregon.  He moved to Lancaster in 2011 to be with Karen and they have been doing house shows since 2012.



9 thoughts on “Attending a Show

  1. Greetings. I have never attended a house concert and so have NO idea what to expect. I saw the April Verch Band in the Ozarks this past summer and would love to see them again. Would you tell me more about the dynamics of your house concert venue? I’m especially interested in how the sharing of food and drink is carried out because I am on a special food plan. Also, can the ‘drink’ include alcohol? What if I am not able to arrive in time for the food sharing – would I still be able to attend the concert? Guess I’m a curious person. Merry Christmas to you both, Deb

    • Hi Deb – thanks for your questions. House concerts are a great way to hear musicians in an up close & personal venue. People can arrive any time after 6:00 pm for the pot luck, but it’s certainly not mandatory. Any food or beverage is welcome, alcohol is ok. The food is also available at intermission. We are trying to keep all show start times at 7:00 pm. If you’re on a special food plan, just bring something you can eat, or eat before arriving as we have no control over what people bring. If you’d like to see April Verch again on January 15, 2013, send us an email at and we’ll provide you with location details. Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. My husband and I are “expert concertgoers”. We’ve been to all kinds of concerts, and have personally played in the world premier of Mendelssohn’s Elijah, sung in Spanish (although we aren’t professional players). I’ve been hearing of this growing phenomenon of home concerts and I’m very excited to hear of your venue. I’ve liked your Facebook page. Will that be enough to be apprised of your upcoming events? Fondly, Tami

    • Hi Monica,
      Thanks for talking with me on the phone earlier this week. I thought I’d answer your question here too in case someone else has the same concern. We take RSVPs so that everyone has a seat. If people call at the last minute wanting to attend, we ask them to wait until others are seated for ‘standing room only’. When people arrive for the potluck, they usually put their jacket or some other item on the seat to reserve it while enjoying the food/beverage before the show.

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