Upcoming Show: The Mammals – 2.8.19

“The Mammals are Ruth Ungar, Mike Merenda, and a cohort of compelling collaborators who form a touring quintet on the fiddle, banjo, guitar, organ, bass, and drums. Identifying as “subversive acoustic traditionalists” or a “party band with a conscience,” The Mammals re-emerged from a hibernation period during-which the band’s founders explored new songwriting terrain. “The Mammals don’t suffer from multiple genre syndrome, they celebrate it as if gleefully aware that the sound barriers separating old-timey music, vintage pop and contemporary folk are as permeable as cotton.” – Washington Post



RSVP with Tim at tlehman9@gmail.com and note the number of seats you would like reserved.  Potluck at 6 pm, Music at 7 pm.



When Bluegrass goes Red & Green for the Holidays

Some of you will remember our 2013 Memorial Day house concert with The Barefoot Movement. Here is the band featured on The Bluegrass Situation with “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas”.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and will see many of you on December 27th for The Tanasi Ramblers: Cruz Contreras, Shelby Means and Josh Oliver.

Let Freedom Sing

There were many meaningful moments during the house concert with The Kruger Brothers in April 2013.  Both brothers are good at telling stories and giving the listeners some insight to their lyrics, their personal lives and their history.  At one point in the evening Jens shared some powerful thoughts about America and the freedom that we have to play and enjoy all kinds of music.  He reminded us that the house concert venue of which we were all presently participants, would not be allowed in some parts of the world. He describes the banjo as an instrument that “represents the ideals of America, the dream of freedom, the promise of a better life, and the happiness that goes with a job well done.“

As we celebrate many freedoms today, let the right to select,support and listen to musicians of your choice…be one of them.

Keeping with Tradition


Merry Christmas!

I was pleased to see on Facebook this week that one of my brothers has kept our family’s tradition of making a gumdrop tree using a thorn apple branch and, of course, gum drops. We often hear people discussing the holidays with statements like “we always see a movie Christmas eve” or “it’s not Christmas without aunt Ellie’s homemade sugar cookies” – and I find myself putting as many as 20 holiday candles around the house like my mom used to do.

Whether you’re celebrating a tradition started 5 generations before, or establishing a custom that will become a tradition, may you and your family be blessed this holiday season.

Be safe, be warm, share peace, fill your home with music, show kindness to those less fortunate.