Dear Chestnut House Concerts Fans and Performers,

All March and April 2020 house concerts have been cancelled. In 8 years we’ve never had to cancel a show; these are extreme times and we want our audience and guest artists to be of good health. We fully recognize that during this time it’s the artists who will be impacted the most by these cancellations and if you’re still able to work during this time, we encourage you to send the donation (or more!) directly to the musicians whose show you planned to attend.

The Honey Dewdrops plan to have a virtual show very soon; as soon as we have the link we will share with you. If you would like information on how to send $ to I Draw Slow or the Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands (our April shows), please email Tim at tlehman9@gmail.com and we will gladly assist.


House Concert Shows – March 2020

We are not ignoring the covid-19 issue in regards to our house concerts. We want to make the best decision for all involved. We are speaking with the artists individually. We know artists rely on their gigs for living expenses. We know it’s a tight space here and seating is close. We know no matter what we do someone will not be happy. It’s not our decision alone and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay healthy and remember if you’re able, it’s a good idea to go to parks and walking trails and breathe in fresh air or listen to music and dance around the room.

Colebrook Road CD Release!

Colebrook Road will be at Chestnut House Concerts on Saturday, April 13 (sold out) and again on Sunday, April 14 (sold out).  The Sunday show is at 6 pm with a potluck at 5 pm, a variation from the regular schedule.  You can read about this emerging bluegrass band in this No Depression article 

Contact Tim at tlehman9@gmail.com for one of the few remaining seats…and no, we’re not opening a Monday show – though I’m certain we could fill it.