2012-2013 Concert Series at Chestnut House Concerts

First Chestnut House Concert, October 2012 The Barn Birds Jonathan Byrd and Chris Kokesh

Lancaster Local Favorites The Stray Birds December, 2012


Canadian Fiddler April Verch January, 2013


The Kruger Brothers Jens, Joel and Uwe April, 2013

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys May, 2013

The Barefoot Movement May, 2013

-The Stacks (Tania Elizabeth and Andy Stack) June 2013


2013-2014 Chestnut House Concert Series


Birds of Chicago ~ September 2013

Philadelphia Artists Brad Hinton and Adrien Reju – October 2013


Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer ~ November, 2013


Nora Jane Struthers & Joe Overton ~ December 2013


The Tanasi Ramblers (Cruz Contreras, Shelby Means, Josh Oliver) December 2013


The Wild Ponies ~ January 2014


Laney Jones & the Lively Spirits ~ February 2014


Mando Planet (Tim Connell and Jack Dwyer) ~ March 2014

10 String Symphony | Tattletale Saints ~ April 2014


The Bombadils ~ May 2014


Baskery ~ June 2014


2014-2015 Chestnut House Concert Series

Jake Lewis & the Clergy | Dirty Dollhouse ~ July 2014

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