Artist Updates

Diplomas and the Double Bass

Upright bass player Kirsten Lamb of Cold Chocolat97460012 (2)e, a Boston based four-piece band that played at Chestnut House Concerts last summer, graduated from the New England Conservatory with a Master’s in Contemporary Improvisation.  Congratulations Kirsten!


Another female bass player – Hasee Ciaccio with The Barefoot Movement graduated with her bachelor’s degree from East Tennessee State University.  We know how hard she worked to make this happen – way to go Hasee!

Tania Elizabeth and her husband10405674_10153098878905867_4331546039580514956_n Andy Stack (playing together as The Stacks) were at Chestnut House Concerts in June 2013.  Tania has been playing with The Avett Brothers and Andy’s band Buffalo Stack has been gaining popularity after great reviews of their album “Buffalo Stack”. The band is working on their second recording. Andy was featured in the May 2015 issue of Vintage Guitar.

No Depression, the leading voice in American roots music since 1995, premiered a video by Mandy Fer and Dave McGraw called “Tide Moon Ship Horn”. We’re hoping to have Dave and Mandy return to Chestnut House Concerts before the end of 2015. They were received well in 2013 and their most recent album Maritime is getting great reviews.  


Chestnut House Concerts presents Ian Foster on Sunday, May 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm. It’s not a school night since Monday is a holiday. No excuses. Call/text Tim at 717940-9311 or email at to reserve a seat.  Opening songs by one of Lancaster’s favorite duos, Jake Lewis and Katie Seifarth.

45? No, wait…44. No, 46?


Tim often asks children who visit our home to count the number of steps from the basement to the third floor. The answer varies; partly because there is some confusion about whether or not to count landings and the floor itself, and also because Tim adds to the chaos by teasing, “That’s not the number I came up with. Did one of the steps get away? We better start over.” And so it goes on.

In addition to entertaining young visitors (and of course being generally useful to move from one level to another), the open staircase in our home provides a boost to the acoustics in the front room for house concerts. This was demonstrated by Oliver Craven of The Stray Birds when they were doing a sound check for their December 2012 show. He moved to the stairwell, held the instrument over the open space and gave a few plinks and listened as the notes climbed up and up and out the open door on the third floor.

The Stacks are providing our next house concert on Wednesday, June 19th. We invite you to come and listen to the voices, guitars and fiddle playing of Andy Stack and Tania Elizabeth. We won’t make you count the steps, but you can take advantage of another benefit of the open staircase that I forgot to mention. Seating for the show!

The Ultimate Collaborative Venture


Both Andy Stack and Tania Elizabeth have collaborated with other musicians throughout their musical careers.  

Andy began formally touring with a band when he was just age 15, and has since then toured with Suzanne Vega, Jonah Smith and the NY Ska Jazz Ensemble.  Writing and recording his own songs gave Andy the opportunity to open for bands such as Los Lobos, Madeleine Peyroux, Guy Davis, Dar Williams and Martin Sexton.  Andy has also collaborated with his sister Melissa Ahern  in a duo She and the Sun. 

Tania Elizabeth is a multi-instrumentalist, with fiddle as her primary instrument.  Like Andy, at age 15 she started formally touring and recorded her first album.  She’s the co-founder of the Canadian-based band The Duhks who recently finished recording a new album, soon to be released.  Tania’s versatility makes her a huge asset as an accompanist and she’s traveled with musicians such as Rachael Yamagata and Mary Gauthier.  

Andy and Tania met in a prohibition-era blues club in the middle of New York City.  They were both there to support a mutual friend’s performance and formed an instant connection that started not just a musical collaboration…they were married at city hall in NYC in the spring of 2013.  

Tim and I went to the Tin Angel in Philadelphia to see Tania and Andy perform with Adrien Reju.  Their abilities to accompany with sensitivity and perfection enhanced Reju’s performance.  We are honored to have The Stacks present a house concert on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at Chestnut House Concerts.  If you like fiddle tunes, electric guitar, strong vocals with gentle harmonies, covers with a twist, and original songwriting – save your seat now by emailing Tim at