Keeping with Tradition


Merry Christmas!

I was pleased to see on Facebook this week that one of my brothers has kept our family’s tradition of making a gumdrop tree using a thorn apple branch and, of course, gum drops. We often hear people discussing the holidays with statements like “we always see a movie Christmas eve” or “it’s not Christmas without aunt Ellie’s homemade sugar cookies” – and I find myself putting as many as 20 holiday candles around the house like my mom used to do.

Whether you’re celebrating a tradition started 5 generations before, or establishing a custom that will become a tradition, may you and your family be blessed this holiday season.

Be safe, be warm, share peace, fill your home with music, show kindness to those less fortunate.


Since the purchase of our home at 603 W Chestnut the house concert concept is starting to take shape.  Chairs are being collected and placed in the front room for the upcoming events. Instruments are out of their cases and hanging out on the walls.  Agreements are in place for October and December shows and the front of the house is adorned with pots of colorful flowers.  The primary goal is to create a happy home for Tim and Karen – and the eventual puppy.  The second goal is to open the doors to music, friends, neighbors, good food, laughter and build community. We are on our way.  Image